ORG-gaycity-2 Gay City: Seattle's LGBTQ Center is an organization whose staff and volunteers, programs and services, and drive and spirit reflect the resilience and power of Seattle’s many LGBTQ communities. Gay City's Wellness Center, LGBTQ Resource & Referral Program, Volunteer Crew, and Gay City Arts all provide multiple ways for our community to gather, connect, find voice and serve. Gay City is an organization that listens and responds, and that continues to evolve. We are a destination for the LGBTQ community to grow and thrive.

For twenty years Gay City has been on the front lines of helping people in our communities invest in themselves and in one another. Over that time, we’ve grown in services and scope, added new programs, and expanded to include more people in more facets of Seattle’s LGBTQ community. We’re inclusive, innovative, holistic and multicultural. Our clients, staff, supporters, and volunteers represent the incredible diversity of the LGBTQ community we’re proud to provide service to. It’s a community that relies on us, just like we rely on you.

As Gay City has changed over the past two decades, so has our community. It’s these changes in our community that underscore the need for a place like Gay City, a place at the intersection of the many different facets of Seattle’s LGBTQ community. We provide a space for people to be who they are, but we also provide the opportunity for people to interact with other members of the LGBTQ community in ways that may challenge them, and help them become their whole selves. This is why hundreds of people use our Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library every year, and why we provide more than 2,000 referrals every year through our LGBT Resource & Referral Center. This is why we help hundreds of people access PrEP and provided more than 4,000 free HIV tests in 2015, our biggest year ever. This is why so many people in our community say that Gay City feels like home. 

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